Daily Living Feeding Scheme

We started a small feeding scheme and charity winter drive this year and it’s sponsored by September Removals (Daily living) as we do the delivery for free to anyplace that needs food that’s donated by the community.

It started in April 2021,  where we were approached by Antonia and she had a vision from God that there are many less fortunate families out there that need help of food and clothing, as on her holiday quests year end drives passed these places and then sees how families live and struggle.

She approached me and asked what we would charge to take things to Swellendam if she could fill my bakkie with clothing food etc to deliver to less fortunate. We sat down and worked out a reasonable cost that was affordable for her and us at R1500.

So the first drop off was 18th April, and then 18th May, 18th June and funny the 18th as its sort of mid month where foods stuffs will be necessary from then onwards. So from 18th June she asked for a better cost as she couldn’t afford R1500 anymore and on our deliveries found smaller communities as we drove and she put out ads and we put out ads and then we got more donations and so on.

Some Samaritans donated furniture that she could sell to make some money to donate to us for deliveries and on 18th July I decided that this is what September Removals needs to do is to assist her when needed and I waived all costs to help her dream and vision come true.

September Removals now help her to help others – so far so good.

We have been to Swellendam, Kiesie, Worcester, Robertson and Kalbaskraal small communities delivering mielie meal, toys, clothing, candles, fruit and veg, etc. Anything to help a hungry child.

So this is Daily Living Feeding Scheme. Please contact Antonia Fortuin 0736262815 if you are able to assist with donations.

Sponsored by SFR